TONGER® Cute Bear Night Lamp

  • $18.99

  • Basic Information

    Item Name.:USB Bear Night Light

    Item No.:TG-T1

    Rated Voltage:5V 

    Rated Current:1A

    Rated Power:5W


    Battery Capacity:1200mAh

    Accessories:Type-C USB Cable

    Item size: 12.2*11.2*11.2cm(4.8*4.4*4.4inch)


  1. This product is a rechargeable lamp, which can be recharged and used
  2. This product is with dimmer function, which the brightness level could be adjusted.
  3. This product has a cute shape and can be used as a decoration.
  4. This product with Rechargeable Lithium Battery and USB cable(include)
  5.  This product with 7 light color,change color by patting,turn on by switch or patting(when switch is on)


  1. The product isa rechargeable lamp and powered by 5V  1A. Please do not use adapter with or above 5V   2A to charge the product.
  2. Please fully charge the product before use.When charging, the red indicator light flashes ; when it is fully charged, the red light stays on. It takes roughly 2  hours for a full charge, and the max charging time cannot exceed 8 hours, to avoid damage to the battery and shorten the lifetime.
  3. The product can be used for 10-24 hours with full charge according to different brightness levels.