TONGER® Pink Penguin Silicon Light

  • $14.99

  • Material:ABS+Silicon
  • Size:11.8*11*1.2cm(4.64*4.33*5.19inch)
  • Light Color:7 color,change color by tap.
  • Power:USB cable( inclued) recharged
  • Input Voltage / Current:5V    1000mA
  • Battery Capacity:1200mAh

  1. Please fully charge the product before first use. Charging voltage / current DC5V  1000mA. Power bank with equal voltage can be used to charge it as well. 
  2. It will take about 3 hours to fully charge the product. (actual charging time is based on the charger’s input current.)
    While charging, the red indicator light flashes; once fully charged, the red indicator light  will remain on.
    Using time after fully charged: approx 10 hours under warm light; approx 9 hours under colorful light.Power Switch: press it to turn on warm white light; press again to turn off.
  3. Tap to change led colors: turn on the lamp, it is warm white light. Then tap the lamp for the first time, the led light will change gradually every three seconds; tap again, the light color will remain on ; tap thirdly, the light is off; tap fourthly, warm white light again; circulation.
  4. When the light is turned off by tapping, the product is still working and there is a quiescent current. If it’s not used for a long time, please turn off the light by power switch to help protect the battery life.
  5. After fully charged, please cut off the power in time.
  1. Kids under six should use this product under adults’ supervision. 
  2. Do not disassemble the internal device to avoid damaging the components.
  3. When not in use for a long time, please place the product in a dry environment.
  4. The light source is not replaceable; the whole lamp should be replaced when its lifetime comes to end.
  5. To prevent falling over, please use it on a table with a slope less than 6 degrees.